How do men take a shower, the healthiest and correct way to take a shower?

 How do men take a shower, the healthiest and correct way to take a shower?

Guide to popular science knowledge: How do men take a bath? The healthiest and correct way to take a bath is to teach you a few tricks to take a bath. Timing depends on the situation. The water temperature is above 42°C, and the bathing time is 10-20 minutes; the water temperature is 35-37°C, and the soaking time...

How do men take a shower, the healthiest and correct way to take a shower?

Teach you how to take a good bath

whole body:

Bathers should lie on their backs and soak in bathtubs or specially designed mineral spring baths, preferably with water-soaked flat nipples. Timing depends on the situation. The water temperature is above 42°C, and the bathing time is 10-20 minutes; the water temperature is 35-37°C, and the soaking time can be as long as 1 hour. Regardless of the length of time, it can be combined with underwater massage, also known as bath massage, or a soft brush can be used to gently rub the local area.

Half body:

The bather is half in the bidet or bathtub, and soaks in the mineral spring with the water surface level to the navel or waist as needed. Cover your upper body with a large towel to avoid getting cold.

take a shower:

It refers to spraying a certain part of the body with a special water pipe to achieve the purpose of treating diseases. The mouth of the nozzle is about 20 cm away from the skin and gradually moves to 15 cm. The water temperature is between 40 and 50 ° C. Spray for 5 minutes each time, and then bathe for 10 minutes. Now, the water sprayed by some showers is sprayed onto the body from different directions, which is actually a kind of 'massage' to acupuncture points.

The benefits of showering are twofold:

One is to prevent cross-infection; the other is to 'massage' acupuncture points. In the current surf bath, the water rushes towards the human body from different directions, which is also a 'massage' for the acupuncture points. The advantage of the bathtub is that you can add fried Chinese herbs.

Massage in the bath:

Soak in the bath for five or six minutes while massaging your body. The pressure of still water and the buoyancy of water can be used to move limbs and affected parts. When bathing, it can be combined with massage, such as rubbing the back. The best tool for back rubbing is loofah, which itself is a traditional Chinese medicine, which has the effect of dredging the meridians and activating collaterals. There is also sea pumice in traditional Chinese medicine, which has the effect of eliminating phlegm like a coarse grinding wheel. Especially for the elderly, on the one hand, because it is relatively hard, it can rub off the thick skin of the heel, and on the other hand, it can eliminate phlegm. These natural bath utensils are better than the current chemical fiber bath towels.

Choosing the right bath products is very important

You can use soap, shower gel or shower gel to wash everything, as long as it suits your skin and finds a unique masculine scent, that's OK! Men have quite a lot of space when choosing a body wash.

Recently, these cleansing products advertised as pure natural mostly use plants as the main ingredients, such as: tea tree oil and lavender that emphasize bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, rosemary essential oil that can adjust skin texture, and aloe vera that has moisturizing effects, etc. There are various ingredients, and if you are not sure which one you should use and are eager to try, you might as well go to the counter store and listen to their suggestions before making a decision.

There are many bath products developed for men that emphasize the one-can package, which can be used for both shampooing and bathing. This type of product is quite suitable for business trips, but unless the product is specially marked with dual-use words, otherwise, take any of them. A go-to replacement for shampoo or body wash isn't ideal.

When products such as shower gel were not so popular, soap was also a memory for many people in the process of growing up. If you are a man who insists on the original flavor, then there are quite a few on the market, emphasizing the content of pure natural Oily body soaps, body exfoliators or antiseptic products.

The fastidious ruffian may want to try the famous "flower and herbal bath" in the bath, but don't think that the flower petals floating on the water in the TV movie are the flower and herbal bath! Just cleaning off those washed petals is enough to leave you sweating and needing another wash!

Friends who want to experience have the following two methods to choose from. The first is to directly purchase flower and herbal bath agents and pour them into the bathtub according to the indicated amount. Then put it in the bath and wait for the aroma to be extracted from the leaves.

And different flowers and plants can produce different benefits to the body! For example: people who often suffer from insomnia can use "Western Chamomile", and "Rosemary" can be used to promote blood circulation, while "Wild Rose" can relieve nervous tension, and there are other flowers and plants with different curative effects to choose from. Interested If so, you can ask the counter service staff more.

bathing tips

Do not bathe with too hot water

In terms of protecting the skin, people should not take too many baths, and they can only take a bath at most once a day or once every two days. Otherwise, after the protective layer of the skin is destroyed, the skin is more susceptible to bacterial infection. Therefore, speaking of hygiene should also be moderate.

1. It is not advisable to over-clean the skin, and it is advisable to take a bath every two days.

2. Do not take a bath with superheated water. If we use hotter water for bathing, it will make the skin drier, reddened or even peeled, which is not conducive to adapting to climate changes.

take a shower don't scrub

Usually, the skin surface has an acidic protective film and stratum corneum formed by sebaceous glands, sweat gland secretions and exfoliated epithelial cells. It is only 0.1 mm thick and weakly acidic, but it is the first line to prevent germs and harmful rays from invading the human body. line of defense. The replacement of this layer of "dead skin" is slow, and the fastest takes more than ten days.

If you use a towel to rub the skin repeatedly and vigorously while taking a bath, it is easy to damage the skin, causing the excessive keratinized layer of the epidermis to fall off, the skin will become dry, and even skin itching will occur, and germs and harmful rays will also take advantage of it. Make people susceptible to folliculitis, boils and other skin diseases.

Friends who like to take a bath should pay attention to a few things, such as taking a hot bath immediately after eating, because the blood will continue to concentrate towards the skin, which will affect the operation of the digestive organs, and after strenuous exercise, the last It's best to wait until the whole body has calmed down before going to the bath.

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