North Carolina scrutinizes TikTok use on state government devices

 North Carolina scrutinizes TikTok use on state government devices

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper's administration said it was reviewing the use of the popular video app TikTok on state government equipment, an app that is fueling growing security concerns among politicians in Washington and across the state .

The comments from Cooper's spokesman came after two key Republicans in the state House of Representatives on Wednesday asked the Democratic governor to issue an executive order banning the app's use on state-issued computers, phones and other devices.

State Rep. Jason Saine of Lincolnshire and Jon Hardister of Guildford County wrote to Cooper saying: “This is a matter of national security and must be Act quickly and decisively. If sensitive data is compromised, it could pose an economic and security threat to North Carolina.”

TikTok, owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, is the overseas version of the short video sharing platform Douyin. Both the FBI and FCC have warned that the company may share its data with China's authoritarian government. Lawmakers said the data included browsing history and location.

Concerns over user data privacy and the spread of misinformation have led Republican governors in more than 15 states to impose TikTok-specific restrictions on the devices of state employees. An omnibus spending bill for President Joe Biden to sign also bans TikTok on most U.S. federally issued devices.

"The state is continually updating guidance to ensure online safety and is reviewing the state's use of TikTok," Cooper's spokeswoman Mary Scott Winstead said in an email. Circumstances, and consider potential additional safety measures.”

Hardest and Thain wrote that if the executive order cannot be issued immediately, they will work “expeditiously” during the legislative period starting next month, “advance legislation, in North Korea . The Carolinas ban TikTok on all government-issued devices." Any state legislation requires approval by the state House of Representatives and the state Senate.

During his most recent two-year tenure, Thain served as senior chair of the state House Appropriations Committee and co-chair of the Legislature's Information Technology Oversight Committee. Hardest is the majority whip in the state House of Representatives.

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